Wednesday, May 14, 2014'

Vietnamese people destroy Chinese factories

Thousands of Vietnamese people marched in the streets across Vietnam, protesting Chinese aggression against their country in the sea, just around 140 miles off the Vietnamese coast.

They destroyed tens of China's owned factories in Vietnam, as a response to China forcing rigging oil in the Vietnamese sea with 80 ships to protect it.

Most of the damage to the factories occur in Binh Duong, the southern Vietnamese province.

the row between Vietnam and China is the worst since the Sino-Viet war in 1988.

There is a reporting by medias that Vietnamese hotels and shops has refused Chinese tourists, also Vietnamese tourists who booked for trips in China, canceling their plan.

Authoritarian government approve protest 

Might be for the first time in Vietnam, huge protests happening without any intervention by the state, that usually tightly control it, its the way the Vietnamese government expressing their serious anger toward China!

F.Y. Hong, president of owned company said"Due to the limited number of police, they couldn't stop the looters. The situation was like in a country where there were no authorities to protect its people,"

Even state media, has reporting the protests, and the anger against the Chinese, and released some angry statement toward China.

"Many people are worried about the imbalance of the military forces between Vietnam and China, however its not the case" said a Vietnamese Major General Le Van Cuong

"Vietnam has nothing to worry, we defeat one of the strongest countries in military and economy, such as France in 1954, and United states in 1975, so China is no different".

Vietnamese coast guard surrounded by Chinese vessels, near the illegal Chinese drilling

China deployed more 32 ships to the drilling site, to make shield and guard it, and start attacking Vietnamese coast guards around it.

According to Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre, tens of Vietnamese ships has been rammed, besieged, fired by water canons by Chinese ships.

When the incident happen, a Vietnamese coast guard using loud speaker to the Chinese "China violated Vietnam sovereignty", the Chinese respond by honked their horns tumultuously.

Philippines challenge China

Philippines said in Wednesday, that China has put reclaiming sign for construction in the disputed area with Philippines.

The land that China has reclaimed is in Johnson South Reef, a tiny coral atoll also known as Mabini or Yongshu. It is part of the Spratly Islands and is near southern Vietnam, Palawan Island of the Philippines and the north coast of Borneo. It is nearly 700 miles southeast of the southern end of China’s Hainan Island.

Charles Jose, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, said there was no sign yet that China was undertaking construction on the atoll, which has a single small structure on it, but added that the Philippines was nonetheless concerned.

“They are still in the process of reclaiming the land, but judging by the size of it, they could be planning to build an airstrip,”

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