Thursday, May 22, 2014'

Series bombs hit China, left hundred killed or injurred

Series of blasts attack has occurred, left 31 people killed, and 94 injured, in Urumqi, the capital  city of East Turkistan, the far north western region in China, as reported today by Chinese state media.

The sudden unprecedented attack, is the worst in the region, since the heavy Chinese crackdown against the Uyghurs protesters in 2009 july, that left 200 killed, according to Chinese government, but the Uyghur exile group, said the victims is thousands Uyghurs.

The attacker is said to be group of Uyghurs, drive two sports cars, start suddenly ramming crowded shops their, and they throws dozen of explosive devices, across the long road they drive in the street.

As usual in China, which authorities makes tight control on pictures or comments in Internet, some users has posted pictures of the incident in Weibo, showing victims lying in the street, and flames raging, with huge smokes, and police officers trying to bring orders to the chaotic scenes, most of the pictures were deleted by censors.

One user of Sina Weibo wrote: "Today, just before 8:00 a.m., there were several explosions at the morning market near the Palace of Culture."

"I was less than 100 meters (328 feet) from the scene, and I saw smoke and flames, and a vehicle and goods on fire," the user wrote. "The stall holders left their goods and ran for it."

The authorities has ordered to close all of the businesses and markets, that is nearby the explosions.

Xinhua news agency, reported today, that "working group", has left for the region, to "to supervise the investigation and handle the aftermath."

The Chinese government has blamed Uyghurs, for the "terrorist" attack.

The spokesman of World Uyghur Congress, an exile Uyghur group, told Radio Free Asia, "It doesn't matter who they send there; they're not going to be able to resolve what is already a dire situation." he said.

 "Unless Beijing changes its current policy towards Uyghurs, If policy doesn't change ... all they can do is add to an already unstable situation."

An intellectual Uyghur man, told RFA from condition of anonymity.

"Even if we don't do anything and simply stay at home quietly, the authorities can still create fake evidence and say that we are terrorists," he said.

The Macau based military analysts, Huang Dong, said that the attacker has used high explosive devices, which indicates they have received it from overseas.

"They seem to have stuffed the vehicles full of explosives," Huang said.

"These explosions were on a level with military explosions."

"That's why so many were killed or injured. It wouldn't be an easy matter, to make explosions that could cause so many deaths and injuries on their own, inside China," he said.

"Also, the strategy and planning was quite sophisticated."

Another political analysts, Shan wei, from National Singapore university, told Agence France Presse "technical and organizational skills are increasing."

"They can choose the site and timing of attacks, and the challenge to the Chinese government is increasing very fast," he added. "Every time its response is to crack down."

I have already posted subject here, in this blog, you can read details here Resistance in East Turkistan revived after decades!

Which I explain how the armed resistance has come again to East Turkistan, after decades of passive ones.

 Airport tension

After hours of the blast, the civil aviation authority in Shanghai, diverted two commercial flights to Urumqi, forcing them to land at Nanjing, and Lanzho, after reports that their might be explosives devices in the planes.

But the report, discovered later to be false, after nothing found in both flight.

The report based on passenger, who missed his flight, give notes to officials in the airport, claims threats to the planes, he later arrested for the fake report.

In a related incident, one Uyghur man complain discrimination from the Shanghai airport security, who stopped him, and takes off his shoes, while all others passengers, who is Han Chinese, goes normally.

"Why are you singling me out to check my shoes?" Said the Uyghur man, who takes flight from Shanghai to Urumqi. 

One security officer replayed to him" because you are a Xinjiang people!".

The man goes angry for apparent discrimination.

"This is discrimination. I did not cause today's explosion but what caused the explosion is precisely discrimination like this."

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