Thursday, May 15, 2014'

Dozen Chinese killed in Vietnam & officials stabbed in China

Mass angry protests continued in Vietnam for the third day, and spread to central Vietnam, in Ha Tinh province, were Chinese companies and factories destroyed by angry workers and protesters.

As reported today by medias, a doctor at hospital in central Ha Tinh province, said up to 21 people were killed, among them 5 Vietnamese, and 16 Chinese nationals.

There were about a hundred people sent to the hospital last night. Many were Chinese. More are being sent to the hospital this morning," the doctor told the reuters news agency by phone.

However, the Vietnamese foreign minister confirm one death, and dismiss the higher number.

While the official Chinese news agency Xinhua, claim two Chinese dead and 100 injured in hospitals.

Video taken from Facebook

One of the Taiwanese company president, said the fight erupt between its Vietnamese and Chinese workers, resulted one Chinese dead, and 90 injured.

its not clear if the one mentioned here is among the dozen Chinese dead.

Video taken from Facebook

Chinese flee Vietnam

After the worst riot has been taken in Vietnam, hundreds of Chinese flees Vietnam, by air or borders with Cambodia and others neighbor countries.

"Yesterday more than 600 Chinese people from Vietnam crossed at Bavet international checkpoint into Cambodia," Cambodian National Police spokesman Kirt Chantharith told Reuters.

At Ho Chi Minh city's international airport, large numbers of Chinese queue to take ticket to flight to China if available, the flight is full in many cases, so they buy for Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.

"People don't feel safe here, so we just want to get out of Vietnam," said Xu Wen Hong, who works for an iron and steel company and bought a one-way ticket to China.

"Even to Thailand and Cambodia. If there are no more tickets to China, they think just leaving Vietnam is enough.

"We're scared, of course. With all the factories burning, anyone would be scared in this situation."

In Binh Duong alone, 450 companies has been damaged, and More than 40 policemen injured in the incident, and around 600 protesters arrested, according to Thanh Nien, a Vietnamese state Newspaper.

Three Chinese official killed

In a separate development, Radio Free Asia has reported today, that three Chinese officials killed in East Turkistan in 27 April, during the first day of Xi Jin Ping visit to the region, amid total silence among the official Chinese medias.

The RFA reported, that three officials going to fishery trip in Kashger city, and a forth official has realised their absence, then he contacted a police to search where about them.

Later the policemen has founded three dead bodies in the lake.

"Two of the men had their throats cut and were dumped into the lake, while the third one was stabbed in 31 places before he was also pushed into the lake," RFA quoted Enver Tursun, deputy chief of the police station in Janggilieski, as saying.

Apparently, the incident was too bad and hurtful for China, that is why it keep it in silence.

"Bury the bodies as soon as possible," the authorities told the families of the victims, according to, a nationalist Han website, in note in 3 May.

The issue has appear in some forums and websites online.

A Chinese user of Weibo site, who live in East Turkistan, said "My friend's uncle has killed, along two others by "Thugs" on afternoon of 27 April".

His post has been deleted by Weibo censors, but it can be seen by

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