Friday, May 9, 2014'

One Uyghur Killed, and One Chinese police wounded

Chinese policemen shot dead one Uyghur and detain dozens after insulted them, during police patrol in Aksu city, far western part of East Turkistan, according to World Uyghur Congress, ans exiled group.

The exiled group told Reuters the incident was sparked by police "insulting" Uyghurs during a security check.

"One Chinese armed security officer was injured and at least two police vehicles were burned during the incident," Dilxat Raxit said, a spokesperson of World Uyghur Congress.

"According to local information, at least 12 people have been detained by the authorities, all of them Uyghurs," he said to Radio Free Asia

But the official version of the story, claim that group of Uyghurs suddenly attacked a random security check.

"Police shot dead one assailant and captured another," the official Xinhua news agency reported, citing a police statement.

"The attack occurred at about 1:20 p.m. in the city of Aksu when police checked a suspect vehicle based on a tip-off from residents"it said.

It said the suspects had carried out a "surprise knife attack ... and hurled burning devices at police patrol cars."

Police fought back after one auxiliary police officer was seriously injured, the agency said.

An exiled group, said its doubt the official version of the story.

Raxit said he had strong doubts about the official version of events, which he said came against a backdrop of hard-line security measures based on ethnicity.

"Many of these kinds of clashes in the region are triggered by armed security personnel who specifically target their house searches and security checks at Uyghurs," he said.

"Once more, I call on the Chinese government to cease targeting Uyghurs with these...discriminatory and oppressive policies," Raxit said.

There is also a third source of the story, based on the, a Uyghur language website, which said, the incident happened during security check outside bus, which police act violently against one of Uyghur passenger, lead him to complaint the way they treated him, the police respond by shooting him, left him dead.

“The police shot him on the spot. Another Uyghur youth could not bear the situation and attacked the police with his knife. One of the police officers was wounded and the attacker detained,” the report said, adding that all of the Uyghur travelers on the bus had been detained and taken to the police station.

The situation in the city is tense, and the street of city is empty, with a lots of police patrols, searching for bearded people, after the incident, according to sources from the city told Radio Free Asia.

Its notable , that the attacks by Uyghurs knife wielding against public places, police, government buildings, has increased sharply in the last few months, which create panic in the country, among Han Chinese, the dominant ethnic.

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