Tuesday, May 6, 2014'

Uyghur raid by knife in Guangzhou train station

Six people wounded in attack today reported by Chinese state media in Guangzhou city, capital of Guangdong province, in south eastern China.

State media reported that four men dressed in white shirts, and white islamic hat(which indicate they are Uyghurs), take out their knife, and start slashing passenger around and in station at 11 AM local time.

Two attacker arrested, and one injured, the other two apparently escaped from the police.

State media have a conflicting report on the incident, which Xinhua news agency, later said that one man only responsible for the attack, who arrested, its possible they change the report, to not make the issue further worse, and panic in the city.

 according to the witnesses, there is more than one attacker.
"two attackers squatted by a snack stand for about two hours. Suddenly they shouted, pulled knives from  their bags and began slashing at people". one witness told guangzhou daily newspaper

"the injured included at least two women and three men, including a "westerner who appeared to be in his 50s". One victim is said to be in critical condition; others suffered wounds to their hands and arms". witness told South China Morning Post.

its notable that the official media didn't mention the attack as "terrorist", nor motivation, except quoting one Chinese security chief, its possibly, that the issue has become too sensitive, as attacks by Uyghurs increased dramatically.

 "government would launch special operations against terrorism"security chief, Meng Jianzhu, told  Xinhua.

As in the field, the police cordoned off the station's exit following the attack, local media reported, the station is now operating as normal.

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