Sunday, May 25, 2014'

China stop businesses with Afghanistan linked to Uyghurs

China has stopped yesterday, all Chinese banks from transactions to Afghanistan's banks up to one year, due to latest attack by Uyghurs, according to Reuters news agency.

The Chinese authorities has sent announcement to the Chinese banks, that they must stop all their businesses with Afghan banks.

Two sources from two banks in China, told Reuters, that the recent attack in China, which 31 people killed and 94 wounded in Urumqi, was behind the decision to stop dealings.

“This is mainly because of the Xinjiang problem,” the first source said.

“The training ground of East Turkestan forces is in Afghanistan.” 

Both sources declined to state the name of their banks, because they are not authorized to speak to media.

"Striving to cut East Turkitan Islamic Movment(ETIM) funding sources is one of the measures to combat them," the second source said.

In the Chinese state media, it always claim, that the ETIM is behind the attacks in East Turkistan, wherever its happen.

However, according to expert and analysts, the evidence for the existence of ETIM is little, not even mentioned the capability of largely hidden group to launch such attacks.

Trucks transfer Chinese troops to East Turkistan

Mass crackdown

China has announced yesterday, that it will launch "one year crackdown" against "terrorism".

Thousands of Chinese troops poured from military barracks from different regions in China, to East Turkistan, the far north western region.

The scene is like the country is in a state of war.

Chinese army has announced, that the holidays will cancelled this year for the soldiers, and the checks across China, will stepped up, in trains, shops, government buildings, hospitals, especially Beijing, the capital city.

Police and military patrols are stepped up, in whole country, include Beijing.

The latest developments in the region, has created fear and panic among the Chinese ethnics there.

“We don’t know why there have been explosions, but we are definitely worried about personal safety,” said Luo Guiyou,  Chinese resident in East Turkistan.

Xinhua news agency, said Chinese authorities has arrest the fifth suspect of the Uyghurs attackers, and the other four, were dead from the bombing.

All the names published by the agency, shows they are Uyghurs.

Beijing is in risk of creating more violence, by launching heavy crackdown.

“In fact, groups like al-Qaida and others are now beginning to think that China could be a new oppressor of the Muslim world,” said Ahmad Hisham, a terrorism expert at Singapore Nanyang technical university.

Beijing claim, the Uyghur islamic groups, are linked to Al-Qaida, and other islamic groups, but there is little evidence to support it.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that these acts qualify as acts of terrorism,” said David Brophy, the Xinjiang historian. “But there’s still very little hard evidence that would allow us to describe a terrorist network or a terrorist organization operating in Xinjiang.”

Analysts said the ETIM group was active in the end of 1990's until 2003 when their leader killed by Pakistan raid, were he live.

There is another mysterious group called, Turkistan Islamic party(TIP), appear with videos in 2005, praising the attacks that happen in East Turkistan, without even claim who done it.

There is nothing suggest they have done any attacks, this even raise doubts on these groups.

Some even believe, the Chinese intelligence agency is behind such groups, to justify crackdown against Uyghurs.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014'

Series bombs hit China, left hundred killed or injurred

Series of blasts attack has occurred, left 31 people killed, and 94 injured, in Urumqi, the capital  city of East Turkistan, the far north western region in China, as reported today by Chinese state media.

The sudden unprecedented attack, is the worst in the region, since the heavy Chinese crackdown against the Uyghurs protesters in 2009 july, that left 200 killed, according to Chinese government, but the Uyghur exile group, said the victims is thousands Uyghurs.

The attacker is said to be group of Uyghurs, drive two sports cars, start suddenly ramming crowded shops their, and they throws dozen of explosive devices, across the long road they drive in the street.

As usual in China, which authorities makes tight control on pictures or comments in Internet, some users has posted pictures of the incident in Weibo, showing victims lying in the street, and flames raging, with huge smokes, and police officers trying to bring orders to the chaotic scenes, most of the pictures were deleted by censors.

One user of Sina Weibo wrote: "Today, just before 8:00 a.m., there were several explosions at the morning market near the Palace of Culture."

"I was less than 100 meters (328 feet) from the scene, and I saw smoke and flames, and a vehicle and goods on fire," the user wrote. "The stall holders left their goods and ran for it."

The authorities has ordered to close all of the businesses and markets, that is nearby the explosions.

Xinhua news agency, reported today, that "working group", has left for the region, to "to supervise the investigation and handle the aftermath."

The Chinese government has blamed Uyghurs, for the "terrorist" attack.

The spokesman of World Uyghur Congress, an exile Uyghur group, told Radio Free Asia, "It doesn't matter who they send there; they're not going to be able to resolve what is already a dire situation." he said.

 "Unless Beijing changes its current policy towards Uyghurs, If policy doesn't change ... all they can do is add to an already unstable situation."

An intellectual Uyghur man, told RFA from condition of anonymity.

"Even if we don't do anything and simply stay at home quietly, the authorities can still create fake evidence and say that we are terrorists," he said.

The Macau based military analysts, Huang Dong, said that the attacker has used high explosive devices, which indicates they have received it from overseas.

"They seem to have stuffed the vehicles full of explosives," Huang said.

"These explosions were on a level with military explosions."

"That's why so many were killed or injured. It wouldn't be an easy matter, to make explosions that could cause so many deaths and injuries on their own, inside China," he said.

"Also, the strategy and planning was quite sophisticated."

Another political analysts, Shan wei, from National Singapore university, told Agence France Presse "technical and organizational skills are increasing."

"They can choose the site and timing of attacks, and the challenge to the Chinese government is increasing very fast," he added. "Every time its response is to crack down."

I have already posted subject here, in this blog, you can read details here Resistance in East Turkistan revived after decades!

Which I explain how the armed resistance has come again to East Turkistan, after decades of passive ones.

 Airport tension

After hours of the blast, the civil aviation authority in Shanghai, diverted two commercial flights to Urumqi, forcing them to land at Nanjing, and Lanzho, after reports that their might be explosives devices in the planes.

But the report, discovered later to be false, after nothing found in both flight.

The report based on passenger, who missed his flight, give notes to officials in the airport, claims threats to the planes, he later arrested for the fake report.

In a related incident, one Uyghur man complain discrimination from the Shanghai airport security, who stopped him, and takes off his shoes, while all others passengers, who is Han Chinese, goes normally.

"Why are you singling me out to check my shoes?" Said the Uyghur man, who takes flight from Shanghai to Urumqi. 

One security officer replayed to him" because you are a Xinjiang people!".

The man goes angry for apparent discrimination.

"This is discrimination. I did not cause today's explosion but what caused the explosion is precisely discrimination like this."

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014'

Taiwanese people support Vietnam against China

Taiwanese shows their solidarity with Vietnam, in front of VECO

Groups of Taiwanese people and political party, named Taiwanese national party(台灣民族黨) lead protests in front of Vietnam representative office in the Taiwanese capital Taipei, according to the Taiwanese newspaper, the Liberty Time.

They express their solidarity with Vietnam, amid the Chinese aggression against its waters, with more than 80 Chinese navies attacks Vietnamese ships, lead to dozens injuries from the coast guards and fishermen, two of them in serious conditions.

An injured Vietnamese man from China attack

“Taiwanese are brothers in arms with Vietnamese. We should work together to fight against Chinese hegemony in the region.” said the executive of the Taiwanese national party(TNP, 台灣民族黨).

The supporters of Taiwanese independence and TNP, marched to Vietnam economic and cultural office(VECO), the de facto embassy of Vietnam in Taiwan, yesterday morning.

The group also calling for Taiwan alliance with Vietnam, to face Chinese aggression in the region.

The protesters want also to shows the Vietnamese people and its government, that "Taiwanese are not Chinese", and "Taiwan and China are two different entities".

TNP chairman, said he send statement to VECO official, Hoang Nhu Ly.

“We assured the Vietnamese official that Taiwanese and Vietnamese have many cultural affinities, and through marriages in recent years, we have become relatives in a big family,” said a TNP chairman, Tsua Gim Liong.

Posters posted by Taiwanese government to the Taiwanese companies in Vietnam, said "I am Taiwanese, I came from Taiwan" showed in Vietnamese language

“Taiwanese and Vietnamese also have much in common, in that we both have a long history of defending our homelands against Chinese aggression and imperial expansionism,” he said.

However, he expressed his disappointment, that some Vietnamese failed to differentiate between Taiwanese and Chinese.

Many Vietnamese protesters in the last week, mistaken the Taiwanese companies as Chinese, which lead to attacks and looting to a lots of Taiwanese companies in Vietnam.

He further explain, the main cause of the riots in Vietnam, was due to China hegemony in the East sea.

He said, the Taiwanese people has become victims, because of Kuomintang, the ruling party in Taiwan, that still sticks to call Taiwan "republic of China", and falsely representing Taiwanese as Chinese, in the international arena.

The TNP rally has joined by groups of academics and professors from the Taiwanese universities, supporters of democracy and Taiwan sovereignty, and notable former political prisoner under Kuomintang dictatorial regime in the past, Kao Chin Lang.

Taiwan's president Ma Ying Jeou in the right side

Notes, the Taiwanese president and Chairman of Kuomintang Ma Ying Jeou, has become extremely unpopular in the last year, with 9% support him, according to the surveys, even today he has met with protests during his speech in university.

Protest against him has become very common in Taiwan, wherever he appear publicly, especially after the popular sunflower protest, that takeover the Taiwanese parliament for month, that ended in April, due to the forced trade with China, ended with promise, that it will be delayed until law code of conduct passed for trade with China, and the pact reviewed.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014'

China attacks Vietnamese boats again & Uyghurs threaten China with more attacks

China has continue attacking Vietnamese ships, left two boats broken, and two Vietnamese seriously injured according to Tuoi Tre, a Vietnamese state newspaper.

The attack was in last Friday, when one of the Vietnamese fishing boat sailing around 5 mile from Phu Lam island, the largest islands of Paracel(Hoang Sa), The Chinese #306 vessels rammed it, and start firing water canons toward them.

Two Vietnamese left injured, and their boat destroyed.

The same Chinese vessel later, attacked another Vietnamese boats, without any injury among the passengers, except the boat have some breaks.

"Chinese ship #306 suddenly approached our fishing boat at 9:00 PM on May 16 and started throwing rocks at us when were fishing and looking for other seafood in seawaters near Phu Lam island," Vo Ba Nha, captain of fishing boat, told Tuoi tre a Vietnamese state newspaper.

Chinese entering Cambodian border from Vietnam

In related news, Thousands of Chinese in Vietnam, left the country yesterday, according to Xinhua, an official China's news agency.

Around 3000 Chinese workers left Vietnam with Chinese ships sent by their government, from the south coast of Hainan island, and among 135 of them were seriously injured from the anti-China riot in the last few days.

As for the protests in Vietnam, it has been stopped today by the Vietnamese government in Hanoi, and Binh Doung, after its approved in the last week, which is sign that Vietnamese government concerned that the protests might get out of control, also might turned anti-Vietnam Communist Party for being soft with the issue.

Vietnamese officer calling the protester to leave in front of Chinese embassy

Police has arrest 1600 protesters in southern Vietnamese provinces especially Binh Duong, and disperse around Thousand protesters in front of Chinese embassy in Hanoi, it is effectively stopped the protests according to Vietnamese state media.

In the same time, China has announced the canceling of the bilateral exchange with Vietnam, and tourists agencies in China, canceling trips to Vietnam, as a response to anti-China protests, according to Xinhua.

In a different development, a Uyghur Muslim Militant organization called Tukistan islamic Party(TIP) has released video shows the Urumqi's train bomb attack with a threat message to China, that Uyghurs has wake up, and will attack China more, with praising to the incident as "good news", which carried on by 10 Uyghurs in 30 April.

The attack that left 3 dead, and 79 injured.

According to Radio Free Asia, which have a Uyghur reporters, the group didn't claim the responsibility, only praising it, which contradict China's claim the group is behind the attack.

"Notorious terrorist group the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) was behind the fatal attack," the official news agency Xinhua reported, citing police.

Video taken from TIP's website, shows the Urumqi explosion

Chinese authorities claimed the attack was mastermind abroad, by Uyghur man named Ismail Yusup, who fled China in 2013, after he made explosives, and participate in "Terrorist" activities with ETIM according to Police Chief.

In 22 April, he ordered 10 partners in East Turkistan to launch attack.

Xinhua further report, that China will seek extradite him from outside, without mentioning the country, by the Interpol.

However, the Interpol said that the name given by China, is not among the wanted people, the Interpol have.

"Mr.Yusup's name didn't turn up in a search on our website of "red notices," Interpol said.

In a last few days, China launch a harsh hunt campaign against the family of Uyghurs attackers, which arrest around 300 Uyghurs, hoping to find the group behind the recent attack.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014'

Dozen Chinese killed in Vietnam & officials stabbed in China

Mass angry protests continued in Vietnam for the third day, and spread to central Vietnam, in Ha Tinh province, were Chinese companies and factories destroyed by angry workers and protesters.

As reported today by medias, a doctor at hospital in central Ha Tinh province, said up to 21 people were killed, among them 5 Vietnamese, and 16 Chinese nationals.

There were about a hundred people sent to the hospital last night. Many were Chinese. More are being sent to the hospital this morning," the doctor told the reuters news agency by phone.

However, the Vietnamese foreign minister confirm one death, and dismiss the higher number.

While the official Chinese news agency Xinhua, claim two Chinese dead and 100 injured in hospitals.

Video taken from Facebook

One of the Taiwanese company president, said the fight erupt between its Vietnamese and Chinese workers, resulted one Chinese dead, and 90 injured.

its not clear if the one mentioned here is among the dozen Chinese dead.

Video taken from Facebook

Chinese flee Vietnam

After the worst riot has been taken in Vietnam, hundreds of Chinese flees Vietnam, by air or borders with Cambodia and others neighbor countries.

"Yesterday more than 600 Chinese people from Vietnam crossed at Bavet international checkpoint into Cambodia," Cambodian National Police spokesman Kirt Chantharith told Reuters.

At Ho Chi Minh city's international airport, large numbers of Chinese queue to take ticket to flight to China if available, the flight is full in many cases, so they buy for Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.

"People don't feel safe here, so we just want to get out of Vietnam," said Xu Wen Hong, who works for an iron and steel company and bought a one-way ticket to China.

"Even to Thailand and Cambodia. If there are no more tickets to China, they think just leaving Vietnam is enough.

"We're scared, of course. With all the factories burning, anyone would be scared in this situation."

In Binh Duong alone, 450 companies has been damaged, and More than 40 policemen injured in the incident, and around 600 protesters arrested, according to Thanh Nien, a Vietnamese state Newspaper.

Three Chinese official killed

In a separate development, Radio Free Asia has reported today, that three Chinese officials killed in East Turkistan in 27 April, during the first day of Xi Jin Ping visit to the region, amid total silence among the official Chinese medias.

The RFA reported, that three officials going to fishery trip in Kashger city, and a forth official has realised their absence, then he contacted a police to search where about them.

Later the policemen has founded three dead bodies in the lake.

"Two of the men had their throats cut and were dumped into the lake, while the third one was stabbed in 31 places before he was also pushed into the lake," RFA quoted Enver Tursun, deputy chief of the police station in Janggilieski, as saying.

Apparently, the incident was too bad and hurtful for China, that is why it keep it in silence.

"Bury the bodies as soon as possible," the authorities told the families of the victims, according to, a nationalist Han website, in note in 3 May.

The issue has appear in some forums and websites online.

A Chinese user of Weibo site, who live in East Turkistan, said "My friend's uncle has killed, along two others by "Thugs" on afternoon of 27 April".

His post has been deleted by Weibo censors, but it can be seen by

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014'

Vietnamese people destroy Chinese factories

Thousands of Vietnamese people marched in the streets across Vietnam, protesting Chinese aggression against their country in the sea, just around 140 miles off the Vietnamese coast.

They destroyed tens of China's owned factories in Vietnam, as a response to China forcing rigging oil in the Vietnamese sea with 80 ships to protect it.

Most of the damage to the factories occur in Binh Duong, the southern Vietnamese province.

the row between Vietnam and China is the worst since the Sino-Viet war in 1988.

There is a reporting by medias that Vietnamese hotels and shops has refused Chinese tourists, also Vietnamese tourists who booked for trips in China, canceling their plan.

Authoritarian government approve protest 

Might be for the first time in Vietnam, huge protests happening without any intervention by the state, that usually tightly control it, its the way the Vietnamese government expressing their serious anger toward China!

F.Y. Hong, president of owned company said"Due to the limited number of police, they couldn't stop the looters. The situation was like in a country where there were no authorities to protect its people,"

Even state media, has reporting the protests, and the anger against the Chinese, and released some angry statement toward China.

"Many people are worried about the imbalance of the military forces between Vietnam and China, however its not the case" said a Vietnamese Major General Le Van Cuong

"Vietnam has nothing to worry, we defeat one of the strongest countries in military and economy, such as France in 1954, and United states in 1975, so China is no different".

Vietnamese coast guard surrounded by Chinese vessels, near the illegal Chinese drilling

China deployed more 32 ships to the drilling site, to make shield and guard it, and start attacking Vietnamese coast guards around it.

According to Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre, tens of Vietnamese ships has been rammed, besieged, fired by water canons by Chinese ships.

When the incident happen, a Vietnamese coast guard using loud speaker to the Chinese "China violated Vietnam sovereignty", the Chinese respond by honked their horns tumultuously.

Philippines challenge China

Philippines said in Wednesday, that China has put reclaiming sign for construction in the disputed area with Philippines.

The land that China has reclaimed is in Johnson South Reef, a tiny coral atoll also known as Mabini or Yongshu. It is part of the Spratly Islands and is near southern Vietnam, Palawan Island of the Philippines and the north coast of Borneo. It is nearly 700 miles southeast of the southern end of China’s Hainan Island.

Charles Jose, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, said there was no sign yet that China was undertaking construction on the atoll, which has a single small structure on it, but added that the Philippines was nonetheless concerned.

“They are still in the process of reclaiming the land, but judging by the size of it, they could be planning to build an airstrip,”

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