Thursday, June 12, 2014'

Would China turn Hong Kong into blood?

People liberation army, build a tower in central Hong Kong, display its name

China's army has build giant lightening tower, screen "Chinese People Liberation Army" in Chinese characters, in central Hong Kong before yesterday.

The display of huge tower in Hong Kong, has created an increased fear and suspicious among the Hong Kongers toward Beijing.

Hong Konger protest against China's threat of possible intervention of PLA

"I think it is threatening, it is telling Hongkongers that 'we are here' … It is not in unity with the buildings nearby and it destroys the entire night view," Helena Wong Pik-wan of the Democratic Party said.

The displaying of tower, come just a one day, after China, release "white paper" on Hong Kong through Xinhua official news agency.

The paper said:"many wrong views are currently rife in Hong Kong," and that the territory does not enjoy "full autonomy" but instead that the central government in Beijing has "comprehensive jurisdiction over all local administrative regions, including the HKSAR."

Protester burn mocked white paper in Hong Kong

The paper statement has sparked anger among Hong Konger, which they lead large protests burn white papers.

It seems that China want to send message to Hong Kong citizen, that our army is there, and defying our rule, would result a crackdown.

"Occupy Central movement “illegal” and the People's Liberation Army could intervene if the planned protests escalated into riots" said Zhou Nan, former head of the Communist party office in Hong Kong.

Occupy Central movement, is the pro-democracy group in Hong Kong, plan to hold unofficial referendum in 22 June, to make Hong Kong's people choose which type of system they want to hold a universal suffrage.

Benny Tai, the founder of Occupy Central group, state that Beijing by building tower in Hong Kong, display China army name, would only provoke Hong Konger more.

Benny Tai in center

“We should thank Beijing for adding fuel to the fire,” he said.

The group plan to launch pro-democracy protest in next July, in the strategic business center in Hong Kong.

China state media has released before a threaten statements to the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters, saying that the intervention of People Liberation Army is opened at any time in Hong Kong, if needed.

"They(China) implied a threat of force against demonstrations such as Occupy Central's planned blockade on the business district, but added: "It does send a message to Hong Kong people that [Beijing's] authority is solemn and clear." Professor Ray Yep Kin-man, of the City University's department of public policy.

Note, that Chinese officials has stated in many occasions, that any one want to be approved for the nomination for election in Hong Kong, must first "Love" China!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014'

Chinese soldiers call for war against Vietnam!

Chinese coast guard firing the Vietnamese ships

Chinese veteran soldiers staged protest, calling for "war" against Vietnam, for the claim that Vietnam disrupting the Chinese rigging oil in one of the Paracel islands.

The former Chinese war-fighters against Vietnam in 1979, advocate "revenge" against Vietnam for the war that lead to thousands officers killed between China and Vietnam, according to Thai newspaper, Bangkok Post.

Chinese soldiers protest in front of government building in Changsha city, Hunan province, central China

"As Chinese citizens, of course we wanted to go to the front. A lot of my army friends were killed. Many members of my platoon were shot dead," Teng Xingqiu, a former fighter against Vietnam in 1979 said.

Vietnamese coast guard rescue a broken boat

They claim the Vietnamese was "cruel" against them, amid the war.

"Ordinary Vietnamese worked in secret with the army, old men and women would even shoot at us, it was really terrifying," Teng said.

Broken Vietnamese ship

Actually, the war begin when China invaded Vietnam in that year, to save genocidal Pol Pot from falling in Cambodia, who killed around 3 millions Cambodians during his rule.

The veterans are complaining now, that the Chinese government has decreased the supply to them.

Chinese coast guard spray water canon on Vietnamese fishing boat

They protest also to raise awareness about their miserables conditions.

The Chinese government has beating and arrested Teng with others veteran, for wanting living support from the government.

"The police told me they hoped I'd die in jail," said Teng.

Teng become a rubbish collecter, earning 1,000 yuan ($160) a month.

Vietnamese ship sunk

The Chinese president Xi Jinping, has cut off China's support to veteran, saying instead, China need the money for air and sea forces.

May be China try to save more money for the army, in order to launch more attacks in South East Sea, especially for Vietnam and Philippines.

China sees hundreds of demonstrations involving thousands of veterans every year, according to rights groups, with more than 10,000 reportedly doing so in 11 provinces late last month.

"Such demonstrations are one of the biggest threats to social stability in the country" Xue Gangling, dean of the China University of Politics and Law, told Chinese media outlet Caixin.

China takes Vietnam to UN!

China has claimed yesterday that the Vietnamese ships has rammed the Chinese ships around 1000 times!

Beijing said in a letter to Ban Ki Moon, Vietnam "forcefully" disrupting the rigging process, and "endangered our workers".

Its an irony, that China has rammed and broke hundred of Vietnamese boats for a weeks, and Vietnam never takes the case yet to UN!

Even the China claims of "ramming" by the Vietnamese ships, seems illogical.

Sunken Vietnamese boat after the Chinese ship ramming it

Vietnamese send only fishery ships, in front of hundred Chinese armed navies, protecting the forced rigging oil.

“Vietnam sent frogmen and other underwater agents to the area, and dropped large numbers of obstacles, including fishing nets and floating objects, in the waters,” China letter to UN.

The stand off between China and Vietnam continue in the sea, with unbalanced conflict between the Vietnamese fishery ships, with the armed Chinese coast guards, that lead to dozens Vietnamese injured.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014'

Opinion: Philippines, it a joke?

As China has trashed Philippines, and start building a military base in the Philippines water(disputed area with it) in one of the Spratly islands, Philippines response by far the weakest response to their provocation.

China tell Philippines "It’s none of your business" today as reported by the website of China foreign ministry.

Philippines non-action policy, was too passive.

"We won't respond like Vietnam" spokesperson of Philippines president, Benigno Aquino.

"We rule out the military action, and won't respond to China's provocation, instead, we will ensure to resolve the issue through diplomatic means" the spokesperson added.

Photo shows China building new military base in Mabini reefs

Guess, what the Vietnam action that Philippines distanced it self from?

Sending "Civil Ships" to stop the Chinese military vessels from rigging in its water!

Even to this joke like action, China has send more than hundred naval vessels from the coast guard, to face these "Civil ships" which lead to dozen Vietnamese citizen injured, with broken boats.

And still Vietnam "Thinking" about taking not military action of course, but just to file legal case against China!

Philippines small ship in front of larger Chinese one

In the Vietnam case, it may be understood why Vietnam taking very low profile action, its due to the undemocratic one party Communist rule.

Which they scared if serious military conflict, or war could erupt with China, it might shaken their rule inside Vietnam, the most they care about.

But that for sure, not the Philippines's government case, which is elected democraticlly through multi-party system.

There is for certain, a lots of reason for their soft approach with China, one of them, unfortunately, is the Philippines have one of the weakest army amongst all of the ASEAN member countries! and China is the second strongest army in the world after the US!

Photo of historical Filipino ship, that China blocked Philippines from repairing it, in disputed area

Which is really unbalanced power between them. However, that doesn't justify their droop attitude toward China.

if that so, then what is the use of army? if not defending the country sovereignty?

The ironic thing even, is that the Philippines government, not only scared of the use of their military to defend their territory, they try also to dismiss the pictures released by one of the Philippines newspaper, to avoid "further angering" China!

The Filipino newspaper, inquirer, has released photos shows that China building military base in the Mabini reefs(Johnson south reefs), but the weird thing, is Philippines's government try not to "confirm" the photos!

Photo shows China building new military base in Mabini reefs

“What has reached the President is [information] that some ships have been sighted [and they] are capable of transporting reclamation materials. But the President has not mentioned if indeed reclamation has started,” president's spokesperson said.

History has shown, that being soft and try passive attitude with China, will only lead more aggressive and arrogant action from it.

Take for example, Tibet case, were they have tried long time, a full peaceful manner to China, since the Chinese occupation to their land before more than 60 years.

And what that policy has lead to?

Tibet now ended in a real misery, has lost its sovereignty, culture, religious freedom etc..and the worst of all, it seriously threaten to get disappeared from the face of earth!

Countries need to take a look at the history, and must learn from it, it do reveal a lots of thing, and how the country's leaders think, you are dealing with, they are today, the successor of the former one.

All of the current Chinese leaders , was formerly a student in a Communist Maoist style school.

Which believe, the strongest is the winner!
The harsher, the better is!
The more reconciling, the loser is!

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Friday, June 6, 2014'

Bomb in Hong Kong from China!

Bomb threats from China to Hong Kong has been reported today by Hong Kong's newspaper South China Morning Post.

The threat has been received by Taiwanese intelligence national security bureau.

The Taiwanese authorities has informed Hong Kong'civil aviation authority on the matter.

A source in Taiwan's airport police said the intelligence described the woman as being long-haired and that she might board a Dragonair or Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong today or tomorrow. The intelligence gave no further details.

Hong Kong authorities issues alarm to all flight, crews, pilots and staffs.

"[All] flights to/from China and Hong Kong on 06-07Jun2014 are required to apply for Enhanced Flight Deck Entry/Exit Procedure and crews are required to raise their awareness of in-flight security." Vice president of Hong Kong airlines Sun Jian feng said.

Taiwan also has stepped up security level, following the threats.

"We have been asked by relevant authorities to exercise extra scrutiny in our inspection of all inbound and outbound passengers' belongings, including hand-carry ones, though the intelligence about the possible security check is not related to Taiwan." An officer from Taiwan aviation bureau said.

After the sharp increase of attacks in China by the Uyghurs, Hong Kong too, has stepped up its own security level.

Special Hong Kong force officer patrol on Hong Kong airport in 6 June 2014

 "they(Hong Kong authorities) were also aware of the report and that officers had been "monitoring closely" terrorist- related activities on the mainland and worldwide. They had been exchanging terrorist-related intelligence with other law enforcement authorities on a daily basis" a Hong Kong police sources told SCMP.

Another Hong Kong police spokesman said they didn't receive information on possible threat to the city, and the security level would remain moderate as usual.

The threat come after just one day of China sentenced 9 Uyghurs in East Turkistan to death, also amid increased tension by Hong Kongers and Chinese who live in the city.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014'

Tiananmen incident..does the Chinese care anymore? & UN question China

Protest in Tiananmen in 1989

As yesterday, the anniversary of the Tiananmen incident marked with total silence in China, the only sign of the incident is the heavy appearance of Police officers in Tiananmen square in Beijing.

However, there is an excessive intresting abroad, especially among the western journalists, almost all of their newspapers has mentioned it.

The weird thing is in China it self, almost not intrested in the incident, especially among the young people.

protests in 1989 in Beijing

“Pollution, the property bubble, a widening wealth gap, a slowing economy, These things are my concern.” an analysts bank surnamed ling told ibtimes news paper.

The current Chinese students or youths, tend either being ignorant about the incident, or even know about it, but indifference.

“I didn’t know anything about the Tiananmen Square incident when I was in China,” student named Xiong told Ibtimes news paper. “After I went to Canada and the U.S. [for school], I saw people talk about it and started to look into it and do research. … I watched documentaries online and chatted with my parents.” 

“The purpose of [censors] is to stabilize general public sentiments, establish people’s trust in the party and ultimately secure the party’s sovereignty, There were a lot of doubts in the party’s ability to lead the country’s development, [and] limiting freedom of speech helps stabilize society!.” she said.

Even large number of Chinese people believe the crackdown against the protests in 1989 was "necessary" to ensure stability!

A lots of them too, think that the economic growth(money), is much more important, then freedom or democracy.

"It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that for me, other things, like economic stability and reform, are a much bigger priority.” Ling said.

The author of famous book "people republic of amnesia, Louisia Lim, express her disappointment from how much ignorant about the incident in today China.

“The students I spoke to are the crème de la crème, the best-educated students in China,” Lim writes in her book. “Yet the vast majority of them looked at the photo with the slightest flicker of recognition. ‘Is it in Kosovo?’ one astronomy major asked. A student pursuing a Ph.D in marketing hazarded a guess, ‘Is it from South Korea?”.

So now, whats the point of focusing too much in Tiananmen massacre? if the Chinese themselves, is largely indifferent.

the important point, why the world doesn't pay much attention to the Tibetan revolution in 1989 march, just before two month from that one?

Tibetan monk lead protest in 1989 March

Actually, many people they don't know that the Tibetan revolution in that period, the Chinese was inspired from, that lead to Tiananmen massacre!

The revolution that ended to massacre in Tibet, with unknown numbers has died, lead the Spanish court before few months, to announce the six Chinese officials and two former president, Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin wanted for trials in Spain.

Video shows China crackdown against Tibetans in 1989

In no doubts, that the Tibetans is much more keen and intrested to mark their anniversary of the incident in Tibet, so it will be more wise and worthwhile to give it more attention.

Photo released by Philippines, shows Chinese ship build military structure in disputed sea area

In a separate development, the UN court has give China six month to respond until 15 December, to prove the so called "Nine dash line" that claim almost all of the South East Sea.

China has respond by the same, saying it won't participate with UN court.

Photo shows Chinese ship blocking Philippines ship in may, from arriving to disputed area

If China didn't try to prove its claim, it might lead the UN court to rule with Philippines, and might complicate China relations with UN, as China is permanent member of UN security council.

Philippines's president, Benigno Aquino, said today 5 June, that China is building new structure, and has increased its presence in the disputed area.

Philippines authorities saved indangered turtles from Chinese fishing boat

"In the reports we received, we are again bothered that there seems to be developments in other areas within the disputed seas. Amongst them is the movement of ships. We’re not saying that they are exactly the same ships that were used in Mabini, but there seems to be similar ships at the very least," he said.

In a related development, Vietnam state TV, has released Video, shows Vietnamese fishing boat rammed by Chinese vessels, lead it to sink.

The tense situation between China and Vietnam has continued, as ramming, firing water cannon from Chinese ships to Vietnamese one.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014'

Opinion: is it part of Chinese modern culture?

Zhang hitting the woman in Mcdonald

Horrific incident occurred before three days, in China, which women brutally attacked by group, in Shandong province, Zhaoyuan city, the far eastern China.

 The incident began, when group member of Christian religious cult, called "The all almighty God church", has practiced their activity of recruiting new members to their faith.

They approached a women staying in Mcdonald, to take her phone number, and she refused to do so, they start beating her, as reported by Chinese stat media.

Video shows the assault against the woman in Mcdonald

The woman has died in front of around dozen crowd who just stay and watch!

the group lead by male surnamed Zhang, with his two doughters and teen son, with two other women, beating the girl with hammer, they arrested later by the police.

Zhang in the prison

The most shocking thing about the incident, other than crime, was the indifference from the people, in the restaurant.

the too much indifference in China, is something noticeably very normal.

the shocking incident before around one year, when the car hit Chinese child, and he have been died after hours of pouring blood, without any help!

Car hitting Child, amid indifference from people

Even the issue has expressed in one short Chinese movie, which shows the brutal harsh reality of the Chinese society today, in a short film, called bus 44.

The movie is taken from true story, which woman driver assaulted by two men, who own only one small knife, in front of silence of dozens Chinese men passengers!

The end was tragic, when the woman decide to kill all passengers with the two criminals in the bus, it little bit different from the story in the movie.

The question, is this the culture in China today?

It does open a serious questioning, on how much the minorities like Tibetans and Uyghurs, in China still suffer too much amid the Chinese indifference to there miserables, if the Chinese themselves, treat each other personally, this way, even without the sensivities of politics and race issues!

It help give also thoughts, on how the Chinese leaders, think, behave and create policy toward other countries, especially the one that have borders dispute with them.

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