Sunday, May 4, 2014'

Chinese shows there sovereignty on Hong Kong through urinating in street!

Tension are high again between chinese and Hong Konger, because of defecating and urinating in the public places!

There is another case, of child defecating in the street, causing outrages at the degree of makes Chinese leading campaign calling for boycott against the city!

The case begin, when Mother let her child defecate in street, and then one Hong Konger come and comfort them on how wrong and disturbing the act, which lead to clash between Chinese parents and the Hong Konger guy!

The parents were arrested by the police for the suspicious of assault, but not charged.
The man released unconditionally, while the women released on bail, and have to report back to the police.

Boycott campaign

Since the news has come out of clashes, the Chinese and Hong Konger goes online war against each other.
Chinese netizen calling Hong Kong unsympathetic, while Hong Konger calling Chinese uncivilised.

“If us, the mainlanders, stopped travelling to Hong Kong for month, they will come begging us to go back,” he said in his declaration.

“We are not entirely sealing off Hong Kong but just to show them we are god as we are the consumers.”

one Hong Konger told local newspaper
“Who cares for your money, you who think shopping is an act of charity,” said one commenter on Apple  Daily, a Hong Kong news website.

"Keep your promise, and never come Hong Kong again"

Another Hong Konger said"its first movement that supported by China and Hong Kong!"

Mass urinating!

One Chinese netizen spread poster on forums, said"declare war against Hong Kong civilisation!"

The poster asks Chinese, to let their children together, mass urinate in public places during labor holiday!

Hong Konger respond, by saying "lets open photography competition for Chinese mass urine!"

Global time, the mouthpiece newspaper of Chinese communist party goes irritated from Hong Kong, quoting Chinese academics saying

“Some Hong Kong citizens, especially the young, have no cultural identification with the mainland and they have always seen mainlanders as uncivilized people,” said Zhu Shihai, a professor from the Central Institute of Socialism, in the Global Times.

another Chinese professor criticizing Hong Kong people, said Hong Konger is "overdramatic".

The posting from global time from once to another, reveal criticism to Hong Kong, thats shows that China's leader seen Hong Kong as the next big headech to them!.

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