Sunday, May 18, 2014'

China attacks Vietnamese boats again & Uyghurs threaten China with more attacks

China has continue attacking Vietnamese ships, left two boats broken, and two Vietnamese seriously injured according to Tuoi Tre, a Vietnamese state newspaper.

The attack was in last Friday, when one of the Vietnamese fishing boat sailing around 5 mile from Phu Lam island, the largest islands of Paracel(Hoang Sa), The Chinese #306 vessels rammed it, and start firing water canons toward them.

Two Vietnamese left injured, and their boat destroyed.

The same Chinese vessel later, attacked another Vietnamese boats, without any injury among the passengers, except the boat have some breaks.

"Chinese ship #306 suddenly approached our fishing boat at 9:00 PM on May 16 and started throwing rocks at us when were fishing and looking for other seafood in seawaters near Phu Lam island," Vo Ba Nha, captain of fishing boat, told Tuoi tre a Vietnamese state newspaper.

Chinese entering Cambodian border from Vietnam

In related news, Thousands of Chinese in Vietnam, left the country yesterday, according to Xinhua, an official China's news agency.

Around 3000 Chinese workers left Vietnam with Chinese ships sent by their government, from the south coast of Hainan island, and among 135 of them were seriously injured from the anti-China riot in the last few days.

As for the protests in Vietnam, it has been stopped today by the Vietnamese government in Hanoi, and Binh Doung, after its approved in the last week, which is sign that Vietnamese government concerned that the protests might get out of control, also might turned anti-Vietnam Communist Party for being soft with the issue.

Vietnamese officer calling the protester to leave in front of Chinese embassy

Police has arrest 1600 protesters in southern Vietnamese provinces especially Binh Duong, and disperse around Thousand protesters in front of Chinese embassy in Hanoi, it is effectively stopped the protests according to Vietnamese state media.

In the same time, China has announced the canceling of the bilateral exchange with Vietnam, and tourists agencies in China, canceling trips to Vietnam, as a response to anti-China protests, according to Xinhua.

In a different development, a Uyghur Muslim Militant organization called Tukistan islamic Party(TIP) has released video shows the Urumqi's train bomb attack with a threat message to China, that Uyghurs has wake up, and will attack China more, with praising to the incident as "good news", which carried on by 10 Uyghurs in 30 April.

The attack that left 3 dead, and 79 injured.

According to Radio Free Asia, which have a Uyghur reporters, the group didn't claim the responsibility, only praising it, which contradict China's claim the group is behind the attack.

"Notorious terrorist group the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) was behind the fatal attack," the official news agency Xinhua reported, citing police.

Video taken from TIP's website, shows the Urumqi explosion

Chinese authorities claimed the attack was mastermind abroad, by Uyghur man named Ismail Yusup, who fled China in 2013, after he made explosives, and participate in "Terrorist" activities with ETIM according to Police Chief.

In 22 April, he ordered 10 partners in East Turkistan to launch attack.

Xinhua further report, that China will seek extradite him from outside, without mentioning the country, by the Interpol.

However, the Interpol said that the name given by China, is not among the wanted people, the Interpol have.

"Mr.Yusup's name didn't turn up in a search on our website of "red notices," Interpol said.

In a last few days, China launch a harsh hunt campaign against the family of Uyghurs attackers, which arrest around 300 Uyghurs, hoping to find the group behind the recent attack.

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