Saturday, May 3, 2014'

China announce 16000 USD reward for info on 10 Uyghur families!

China has offered a USD 16000 reward for leads relating to the recent deadly bomb and knife attack at a railway station in Urumqi, the capital of occupied East Turkistan, and issued a look out notice for 10 family members of an alleged suicide bomber killed in the incident.

The police sending announcement yesterday, that any information on the attack, including the family of the three attackers, will receive a reward of 100000(16000 USD).

The ironic thing, its include elderly people of 69 years old father, and 77 years old mother of the attackers!

"All unites should deploy all resources to track them down. Once they are found, they should bedetained immediately," said the police notice.

analysts said, that this announcement of rewards, shows how crticial the attack to China, as it comes with the first visit, of Chinese president, Xi Jin Ping.

Raffaello Pantucci, a senior research fellow with the London-based Royal United Services Institute, said"I think for a failure like this, the leaders will be embarrassed and they will want to do something to remedy that," told Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post. 

Heavy campaign against the Uyghurs, is expected, Checks on guests at hotels, Internet cafes and public baths are to be stepped up as police issues.

"Anyone who has missed important clues because of a dereliction of duty will be pursued," said one of the police orders.

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