Friday, May 2, 2014'

explosion in East Turkistan as message to Xi Visit

Uyghur people send strong message to Chinese president Xi Jin Peng, that he is not welcome in there country, as reported by Chinese state media, Three killed by explosion in southern Urumqi, capital city of Occupied East Turkistan, and 79 wounded.

Some pictures has posted in wiebo, the Chinese version of Twitter, its deleted as usual, but the ironic thing, is even Xinhua agency, the state official agency, has deleted there posting on Xi response on the attack by censors!

"We must make terrorists become like rats scurrying across a street, with everybody shouting 'beat them!" Mr Xi said at a national security study session on Friday." Xinhua reporting

its odd even in China, for the official media, such as Xinhua, people daily news paper, to be deleted by censors in wiebo!

it shows how China is an very much anxiety more than ever, as Uyghur attacks dramatically increased, most famous one, is the last month, when  34 people killed by knife wielding Uyghurs in Kunming city, Yunan province.

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