Tuesday, May 20, 2014'

Taiwanese people support Vietnam against China

Taiwanese shows their solidarity with Vietnam, in front of VECO

Groups of Taiwanese people and political party, named Taiwanese national party(台灣民族黨) lead protests in front of Vietnam representative office in the Taiwanese capital Taipei, according to the Taiwanese newspaper, the Liberty Time.

They express their solidarity with Vietnam, amid the Chinese aggression against its waters, with more than 80 Chinese navies attacks Vietnamese ships, lead to dozens injuries from the coast guards and fishermen, two of them in serious conditions.

An injured Vietnamese man from China attack

“Taiwanese are brothers in arms with Vietnamese. We should work together to fight against Chinese hegemony in the region.” said the executive of the Taiwanese national party(TNP, 台灣民族黨).

The supporters of Taiwanese independence and TNP, marched to Vietnam economic and cultural office(VECO), the de facto embassy of Vietnam in Taiwan, yesterday morning.

The group also calling for Taiwan alliance with Vietnam, to face Chinese aggression in the region.

The protesters want also to shows the Vietnamese people and its government, that "Taiwanese are not Chinese", and "Taiwan and China are two different entities".

TNP chairman, said he send statement to VECO official, Hoang Nhu Ly.

“We assured the Vietnamese official that Taiwanese and Vietnamese have many cultural affinities, and through marriages in recent years, we have become relatives in a big family,” said a TNP chairman, Tsua Gim Liong.

Posters posted by Taiwanese government to the Taiwanese companies in Vietnam, said "I am Taiwanese, I came from Taiwan" showed in Vietnamese language

“Taiwanese and Vietnamese also have much in common, in that we both have a long history of defending our homelands against Chinese aggression and imperial expansionism,” he said.

However, he expressed his disappointment, that some Vietnamese failed to differentiate between Taiwanese and Chinese.

Many Vietnamese protesters in the last week, mistaken the Taiwanese companies as Chinese, which lead to attacks and looting to a lots of Taiwanese companies in Vietnam.

He further explain, the main cause of the riots in Vietnam, was due to China hegemony in the East sea.

He said, the Taiwanese people has become victims, because of Kuomintang, the ruling party in Taiwan, that still sticks to call Taiwan "republic of China", and falsely representing Taiwanese as Chinese, in the international arena.

The TNP rally has joined by groups of academics and professors from the Taiwanese universities, supporters of democracy and Taiwan sovereignty, and notable former political prisoner under Kuomintang dictatorial regime in the past, Kao Chin Lang.

Taiwan's president Ma Ying Jeou in the right side

Notes, the Taiwanese president and Chairman of Kuomintang Ma Ying Jeou, has become extremely unpopular in the last year, with 9% support him, according to the surveys, even today he has met with protests during his speech in university.

Protest against him has become very common in Taiwan, wherever he appear publicly, especially after the popular sunflower protest, that takeover the Taiwanese parliament for month, that ended in April, due to the forced trade with China, ended with promise, that it will be delayed until law code of conduct passed for trade with China, and the pact reviewed.

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  1. Thank you! As a Vietnamese, I am sorry that my people have mistaken the Taiwanese with mainland Chinese and caused such vandalism of your property. Please be rest assured that it is the few uneducated one and the majority of Vietnamese people appreciate the support, both economic and political, of the Taiwanese people--your investment in our country throughout the years are greatly appreciated it. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment

      it was mistakes that some vietnamese has done, when attacking a lots of companies who is not Chinese..but I hope vietnam could resolve the problem, and instead focus on China!

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