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Tiananmen incident..does the Chinese care anymore? & UN question China

Protest in Tiananmen in 1989

As yesterday, the anniversary of the Tiananmen incident marked with total silence in China, the only sign of the incident is the heavy appearance of Police officers in Tiananmen square in Beijing.

However, there is an excessive intresting abroad, especially among the western journalists, almost all of their newspapers has mentioned it.

The weird thing is in China it self, almost not intrested in the incident, especially among the young people.

protests in 1989 in Beijing

“Pollution, the property bubble, a widening wealth gap, a slowing economy, These things are my concern.” an analysts bank surnamed ling told ibtimes news paper.

The current Chinese students or youths, tend either being ignorant about the incident, or even know about it, but indifference.

“I didn’t know anything about the Tiananmen Square incident when I was in China,” student named Xiong told Ibtimes news paper. “After I went to Canada and the U.S. [for school], I saw people talk about it and started to look into it and do research. … I watched documentaries online and chatted with my parents.” 

“The purpose of [censors] is to stabilize general public sentiments, establish people’s trust in the party and ultimately secure the party’s sovereignty, There were a lot of doubts in the party’s ability to lead the country’s development, [and] limiting freedom of speech helps stabilize society!.” she said.

Even large number of Chinese people believe the crackdown against the protests in 1989 was "necessary" to ensure stability!

A lots of them too, think that the economic growth(money), is much more important, then freedom or democracy.

"It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that for me, other things, like economic stability and reform, are a much bigger priority.” Ling said.

The author of famous book "people republic of amnesia, Louisia Lim, express her disappointment from how much ignorant about the incident in today China.

“The students I spoke to are the crème de la crème, the best-educated students in China,” Lim writes in her book. “Yet the vast majority of them looked at the photo with the slightest flicker of recognition. ‘Is it in Kosovo?’ one astronomy major asked. A student pursuing a Ph.D in marketing hazarded a guess, ‘Is it from South Korea?”.

So now, whats the point of focusing too much in Tiananmen massacre? if the Chinese themselves, is largely indifferent.

the important point, why the world doesn't pay much attention to the Tibetan revolution in 1989 march, just before two month from that one?

Tibetan monk lead protest in 1989 March

Actually, many people they don't know that the Tibetan revolution in that period, the Chinese was inspired from, that lead to Tiananmen massacre!

The revolution that ended to massacre in Tibet, with unknown numbers has died, lead the Spanish court before few months, to announce the six Chinese officials and two former president, Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin wanted for trials in Spain.

Video shows China crackdown against Tibetans in 1989

In no doubts, that the Tibetans is much more keen and intrested to mark their anniversary of the incident in Tibet, so it will be more wise and worthwhile to give it more attention.

Photo released by Philippines, shows Chinese ship build military structure in disputed sea area

In a separate development, the UN court has give China six month to respond until 15 December, to prove the so called "Nine dash line" that claim almost all of the South East Sea.

China has respond by the same, saying it won't participate with UN court.

Photo shows Chinese ship blocking Philippines ship in may, from arriving to disputed area

If China didn't try to prove its claim, it might lead the UN court to rule with Philippines, and might complicate China relations with UN, as China is permanent member of UN security council.

Philippines's president, Benigno Aquino, said today 5 June, that China is building new structure, and has increased its presence in the disputed area.

Philippines authorities saved indangered turtles from Chinese fishing boat

"In the reports we received, we are again bothered that there seems to be developments in other areas within the disputed seas. Amongst them is the movement of ships. We’re not saying that they are exactly the same ships that were used in Mabini, but there seems to be similar ships at the very least," he said.

In a related development, Vietnam state TV, has released Video, shows Vietnamese fishing boat rammed by Chinese vessels, lead it to sink.

The tense situation between China and Vietnam has continued, as ramming, firing water cannon from Chinese ships to Vietnamese one.

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