Sunday, June 8, 2014'

Opinion: Philippines, it a joke?

As China has trashed Philippines, and start building a military base in the Philippines water(disputed area with it) in one of the Spratly islands, Philippines response by far the weakest response to their provocation.

China tell Philippines "It’s none of your business" today as reported by the website of China foreign ministry.

Philippines non-action policy, was too passive.

"We won't respond like Vietnam" spokesperson of Philippines president, Benigno Aquino.

"We rule out the military action, and won't respond to China's provocation, instead, we will ensure to resolve the issue through diplomatic means" the spokesperson added.

Photo shows China building new military base in Mabini reefs

Guess, what the Vietnam action that Philippines distanced it self from?

Sending "Civil Ships" to stop the Chinese military vessels from rigging in its water!

Even to this joke like action, China has send more than hundred naval vessels from the coast guard, to face these "Civil ships" which lead to dozen Vietnamese citizen injured, with broken boats.

And still Vietnam "Thinking" about taking not military action of course, but just to file legal case against China!

Philippines small ship in front of larger Chinese one

In the Vietnam case, it may be understood why Vietnam taking very low profile action, its due to the undemocratic one party Communist rule.

Which they scared if serious military conflict, or war could erupt with China, it might shaken their rule inside Vietnam, the most they care about.

But that for sure, not the Philippines's government case, which is elected democraticlly through multi-party system.

There is for certain, a lots of reason for their soft approach with China, one of them, unfortunately, is the Philippines have one of the weakest army amongst all of the ASEAN member countries! and China is the second strongest army in the world after the US!

Photo of historical Filipino ship, that China blocked Philippines from repairing it, in disputed area

Which is really unbalanced power between them. However, that doesn't justify their droop attitude toward China.

if that so, then what is the use of army? if not defending the country sovereignty?

The ironic thing even, is that the Philippines government, not only scared of the use of their military to defend their territory, they try also to dismiss the pictures released by one of the Philippines newspaper, to avoid "further angering" China!

The Filipino newspaper, inquirer, has released photos shows that China building military base in the Mabini reefs(Johnson south reefs), but the weird thing, is Philippines's government try not to "confirm" the photos!

Photo shows China building new military base in Mabini reefs

“What has reached the President is [information] that some ships have been sighted [and they] are capable of transporting reclamation materials. But the President has not mentioned if indeed reclamation has started,” president's spokesperson said.

History has shown, that being soft and try passive attitude with China, will only lead more aggressive and arrogant action from it.

Take for example, Tibet case, were they have tried long time, a full peaceful manner to China, since the Chinese occupation to their land before more than 60 years.

And what that policy has lead to?

Tibet now ended in a real misery, has lost its sovereignty, culture, religious freedom etc..and the worst of all, it seriously threaten to get disappeared from the face of earth!

Countries need to take a look at the history, and must learn from it, it do reveal a lots of thing, and how the country's leaders think, you are dealing with, they are today, the successor of the former one.

All of the current Chinese leaders , was formerly a student in a Communist Maoist style school.

Which believe, the strongest is the winner!
The harsher, the better is!
The more reconciling, the loser is!

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  1. So what do you people suggest? Fight sword with a sword? Fight an army to an army? What else can we do? Is that being weak is the issue here? Isn't not allowed that we just don't want to create a war a havoc that those people want? We don't want to go back in the past? Do you want it? But as far as I believe you have a good point in this article. Because due to the passiveness of our country China will just assert and assert their claim like what Russia done in Crimea. Because we don't want a war they will just assert their claim as long as they can w/ their Military might. But they should be prepared the true end is just the beginning. :)

    1. The issue here is not about being Weak..the issue here, is to show some strength..or in other words "something", so that China will understand, that its acts have a price it will pay, it doesn't have to be a war, but Philippines at least must shows there army, are willing to do something, not just ruling out any chances they Philippines just stuck to "discuss" the issue with China..and China is very happy with this..they will continue dispise and ignore all of its naighbor countries rights

    2. Strengths fighting against china lie at the stuffs that China doesn't like, namely, if they don't want us unite, we should do; if they don't want us to let US set up a military base in our border to China, we should do (this like Poland has been allowing US military base there at Poland-Russia border); if they want bilateral, we should do multilateral; if they shut Chinese people's mouths up we should force them open for us, ....and we don't just blog in languages other than Chinese and just for fun as well as calming our angers down...BUT should target to China, to Chinese on...and so on...Are those listed here a little part of our strengths? Never give up never say die to China....and Fear to enemy are to head gun to your head, right?

    3. Thanks for your comment..I agree, China don't want to see some resistance, even if the country are super weak in military

      yes, it could be better if we reach inside China..but thats hard, all blog criticize China are blocked!!! my one also

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